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Contractor Accreditation for Builders and contractors requiring licensing to confirm they are a trusted trader


Reassure your customers that you are a skilled professional We know that you are the finest master builders, specialist contractors & trades in the world. True professionals in your field. We proudly give you a unique contractor accreditation & licensing service to assure your customers you are the first-rate trusted trader for the job. READ […]

Contractor Licensing for Master Builders, trades and specialist contractors who require trusted trader status


Obtain your Contractor Accreditation and start winning more work today Accredited members of UKFB confidently display our prized logo confirming they are a trusted trader. Our logo is a guarantee to your customers that you have been successful in the most thorough construction contractor accreditation process the UK has to offer. OUR PRICE

Obtain your Master Builder license and become a trusted trader


We recommend you to our commercial clients and domestic customers We have commercial clients and domestic customers who are in need of reliable, trusted master builders and trades that have met UKFB’s contractor accreditation requirements. Join us, gain your license and we can recommend you, as a trusted trader today. READ MORE