United Kingdom Federation of Builders are always striving to take the perceived inconvenience out of joining our unique licensing accreditation service. We want it to be as simple and as stress free as possible for you to join, become a trusted trader and start winning more work.

We know, from first hand experience, that historically joining any trade association has been a long drawn out process with many checks with no guarantee at the end. We can tell you within the first 36 hours of joining if you will be successful. If not, we will tell you why and what we need from you for you to become a member and a trusted trader. Transparency is the key. We want the best, we want you to be the best.

Join us today and you can start benefiting from our membership. Clients and customers alike need the best trades at the best prices. When you display our insignia customers are instantly reassured you meet these values and are a trusted trader. Honesty, integrity, quality and value.

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As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.


Apply for Accreditation from the UK’s fastest growing trade federation. Our up to date, state-of-the-art service is what construction businesses require to succeed. Become a member of the only official licensing accreditation service the UK has to offer and start winning more work today.

Our accreditation process includes:

  • Apply for licensing.
  • Complete licensing process.
  • Have all documentation certified.
  • Additional checks.
  • Website approval/ development.
  • Gain official licensing.
  • Become a trusted trader.

Accreditation from the UK’s fastest growing trade federation is an up to date, state-of-the-art system specifically designed for construction services to succeed.

What is the process?

Apply for Licensing

The first step in your licensing journey is to apply to be fully accredited for construction licensing. During this stage we will access your application with complete transparency and communicate with you at all times. We can offer you guidance throughout the process.

Complete the Licensing Process

Once we have verified your status and relevant requirements to apply for licensing, we will progress your application to the next step in the process for you to gain your licensing as quickly as possible.

Document Verification

To be considered for licensing we will require several documents to prove certain criteria that our up to date service requires. The documents that we require will be trade specific, some will also be generic. We will let you know the exact documents that you will need upon your initial application.

Additional Checks

Sometimes additional checks will need to be carried out in order for us to progress your application to the next stage. You may not be in posession of all the required documents or we may need some additional information from you.

Website Development

Once we have everything that we need we can then take all the details from you that your website will require. Trade specific details and working locations are extremely important but don’t worry we have a highly experienced UK based website developer for you to talk to 1 on 1 that will get your vision into your website.

Gain Official Licensing

Congratulations!! Once you have progressed to this stage you will be a UKFB officially licensed Builder or specialised contractor. So, strap yourselves in, your journey is about to begin!

Start building your companies future today