Becoming a UKFB officially licensed builder, specialist contractor or trade is largely considered one of the best business decisions you can make to win you more work as a trusted trader.

UKFB offers construction builders construction licensing to UK builders, specialist contractors and trades to become a trusted trader


United Kingdom Federation of Builders offer UK master builders & trades an accreditation & construction licensing service second to none. We pride ourselves on our thorough accreditation and construction licensing process, built on tried and tested means that have served UK trades for over 25 years. Our mission is to dynamically represent UK building trades whilst endorsing their professional expertise trusted trader status and ensuring they deliver the highest quality and best value to consumers.

UKFB also want to directly benefit you, UK construction trades. Construction licensing is only the first step of your journey with us. When you become a member of our federation simply displaying our insignia as a trusted trader will win you more work. However, we also aim to support you for the lifetime of your membership keeping you up to date with the latest developments and changes in law in your field and offering you training and support in the latest construction methods.

We have developed construction licensing with you, the finest master builders, specialist contractors and trades in the UK, specifically in mind. You will inspire your peers and colleagues whilst also reassuring your customers by eliminating any doubt of your credentials.

Licensing brochure


As a specialist contractor or builder we understand you take pride in all your work. We also understand how important it is to get that message accross to your customers.

Licensing services

Once you become a fully licensed member of UKFB we aim to set you above your competition. As a trusted trader Your journey with us has only just begun. We want you to dominate your digital marketplace as you are the finest specialised contractors in your area. When we say your success is our success, we really mean it!

Some of the fantastic benefits you receive include:

  • Official UKFB construction or contractor license.
  • Bespoke SEO optimised construction trade website.
  • Display UKFB insignia on your documents.
  • Added to UKFB trade database for clients.
  • CDM Compliance Guidance.
  • Dispute resolution service for contractors.
  • Membership discounts for your specialised services.

A full list of all features you receive in your licensing membership can be found here.

What being licensed really means

Winning More Work

Being a fully accredited member of UKFB is a clear sign to your customers that you are an officially licensed builder or specialist contractor. The guess work, for the client, has been eliminated. They will be reassured that they are dealing with a proven professional who is the best person for the project.

CDM compliance

As per the Construction Design Management Regulation 2015 (CDM) as a domestic builder, contractor or sub contractor you are required to implement these regulations on all domestic projects involving extensions, repairs, refurbishment works. As a UKFB member we can offer you a full understanding of these regulations and how to implement them. We can also offer you, or your company, full training to comply with CDM.

Health & Safety

We are all aware that Health & Safety in the construction industry is of paramount importance. More health and safety incidents occur in the construction industry than any other. We can offer you guidance and advice in the latest health & safety compliance techniques and management practices. In the near future we will also be able to offer you and your company full health & safety onsite training and advice.

Reassurance to your customers

Displaying our logo on your work vehicles and literature has shown time and again to win you more work. Customers feel more comfortable and instilled with trust when it comes to dealing with UKFB members. You can be assured and demonstrate to your customers that you have met the finest accreditation process the UK has to offer.

A Collective Voice

It is our mission to ensure you and your companies voice is heard when the government consults with the construction industry over new policies. UKFB will lobby government over policy changes. UKFB believes your voice as a domestic builder is as important as a major construction firm. UKFB will be firmly placed to advise you on policy chages in the future.

Specialist Contractor Website

UKFB want you to succeed. That’s why we have partnered with a leading internet hosting and website development company. This means as part of your membership we can offer you a high end, bespoke contractor website that will be expertly SEO optimised for your specific services.

Dispute Resolution

From time to time you may need the services of our dispute resolution service. The time taken to chase a debt could be extremely detrimental to your business, ultimately leading to cash flow problems. As a member of UKFB we can assist you in the process of recovering monies that are owed to you. We also offer full mediation, arbitration and ajudication services.

Join today and claim your free trusted trader website.