Client disputes & chasing monies owed can be time consuming and could have a detrimental impact to your business. It can cause immediate cash flow issues and have many knock on effects.

UKFB members as trusted traders benefit from dispute resolution services to chase debts and offer mediation to clients

Dispute Resolution Services

UKFB Dispute Resolution Service is the most forward thinking alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the UK today. UKFB has specialised in dispute resolutions and debt recovery in the domestic property and construction industry for over 30 years. Our referral services are aimed at giving customers access to highly qualified and impartial dispute resolvers.

We understand that during a dispute as a builder or specialist contractor your are risking your reputation. Often, the builder, contractor or service provider can be blamed for a multitude of wrong doings. Our impartial resolution services are aimed at solving these issues so all parties are adequately satisfied.

We offer a range of dispute resolution and debt recovery techniques and services. We aim to inspire confidence in parties through our complete impartiality and the quality of our dispute resolvers.

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As an accredited member of UKFB we can help you in times of crisis, when you need us most.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most client disputes will be resolved by using UKFB’s complaints procedure. Occasionally, you may need to try alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This is a quicker & cheaper way of settling a dispute by avoiding court. UKFB appoints an independent person to look at your problem and try to help you and the client reach an agreement.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADR) include:

  • Negotiation – aimed at getting parties together to reconcile differences.
  • Mediation – independent third party whose role is to help all parties reach an agreement.
  • Ajudication – independent adjudicator who considers the evidence & makes decisions which are legally binding.
  • Arbiration – involves parties agreeing to refer the dispute to a third party and agreeing to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision.

Why use UKFB for dispute resolution?


UKFB dispute resolution service is designed to be a far quicker and cheaper way to resolve construction or service provider disputes rather than going to court which can be a lengthy and expensive process.


As a UKFB accredited memeber your initial consultation before proceeding to ADR will be included in your annual membership fee. For the majority of our ADR services, we charge an administrative fee to appoint a specialist. The specialist will then set out the fees to be charged, which will normally be at an hourly rate. This gives a cost-effective approach and ensures the efficient appointment of an impartial dispute resolver.


UKFB are highly experienced professionals who have high levels of expertise and experience in all specialist areas of construction work. They are governed by the rules, quality assurance standards and codes of conduct laid down by CTSI, The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015 & The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Amendment) Regulations 2015.

Construction Specialists

We have been active in several capacities the construction industry since 1973. The impartial experts who sit on our panels and are appointed to provide our ADR services are specially selected and are highly experienced. They must also maintain the highest professional standards set out in UK law.

Customer Reassurance

Your customers will immediately be reassured that you are a member of a trade federation that offers full ADR services in the event that something unforseen goes wrong and communication breaks down.

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